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Services v2

At Studio8, we connect our clients with the people they want to reach.

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What we do

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[service_table title=”Digital Strategy” bg_color=”#f9f9f9″ icon=”fa-key”] Project Scoping
System Design
Process Planning
Project management
[service_table title=”Website Design” bg_color=”#fff” icon=”fa-desktop” icon_color=””] Graphic design
Interface design
User Experience design
[service_table title=”E-Commerce” bg_color=”#fff” icon=”fa-money” icon_color=””] Online Shopping Platform
Credit Cards Processing
Secure Hosting w/ SSL
Social Campaigns
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Latest Projects

[lead class=”center”]Banh mi stumptown keffiyeh bicycle rights.[/lead] [spacer top=”48px”][/spacer] [projects_list number=”3″ columns=”3″ nav=”false”][/projects_list] [/row]