What is interior design and do we need it?

This is an activity that includes the design of all components in one home, office, hotel, etc.. It’s about finding the aesthetic and functional compatibility of the interior spaces.
The Architectural and the Interior design are related, although the designer does not need to be an architect.
If you are an owner of residential, commercial or other area and you want to finish in a way to make the environment beautiful, functional and pleasant to live in, you can become our client.
In this way you save:
-Unnecessary worries
Our main goal is to work with you to create the ideal solution for your interior and to advise you where you can buy all the materials and products you need. We will prepare you visualization and show you what would be the final appearance of your interior.
If you need a professional help to crate the interior of your home, office, restaurant and hotel.
You can trust - Interior Studio "Form Design Studio."
We offer:
-conceptual project
-detailed project
If our client wants we recommend construction companies to fulfill the project and supervision (additional service).
We give consultations during the choice of paints, floorings, tiling, and designing furniture.

We will be glad to answer to any questions regarding our activity.
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